pic: ROBOTZ Garage's Garage (2013)

It hit me that nobody had ever uploaded a picture of this to ChiefDelphi. This is the world-famous ROBOTZ Garage in its initial appearance at Palmetto 2013. The whole thing was 10x10 (though I hear it’s getting a little work to pull into 9.5x9.5). Everything for the robot is either on their cart or hidden behind the curtain.

That is simply a gorgeous pit. We had a chance to play with these guys at Champs 2013. Great people to work with. Good luck to Robotz Garage in the offseason.

When 4901 started, the mentors all had varying ideas of trying to out-garage the garage. I’m glad we kept our pit simple with everything else factored in, but I continue to be impressed with their operation in the pits. (My saying even early on was “If we get half the stuff right they did as rookies, we’ll STILL get to Championship!” Back then, we weren’t even a Bosch team. Whodathunk?)

We’ve had two chances to play with them, one qualification match in Orlando this year and on their eliminations alliance at SCRIW last year back as a pre-rookie team*. I know they’ll be hard at work to get the Deuce Coupe running great for this fall, and what I’ve heard they have in the wings next year might finally land those guys an Imagery Award!

*Since SCRIW is just one day, they only brought the toolboxes in the back and not the full setup. Is it still ROBOTZ Garage if there’s no garage?

Not only was their pit great, they had a great climbing robot also. They were a very impressive rookie team.