pic: Robowranglers (FRC 148) on FOX 4 News

Team 148 on the Fox 4 morning news in the Dallas, TX area.

WOW! That is definitely awesome. Great job this year 148. You proved my theory that a lap bot couldn’t win the whole thing wrong. :smiley:

By any chance is there a clip of the team on the news that is available?

I think with 1114 & 217 as our partners we could have won with my refrigerator on the field. :rolleyes:

Those two teams were absolutely fantastic. We definitely had some “big guns” on our side of the field.
They set a high bar for all FIRST teams to live up to, and they certainly have inspired 148 to strive for their level of excellence.


John, would your 'fridge pass inspection?
Would it violate the 80" rule with the door fully extended?
Would it get penalized for blocking in hybrid mode? :wink:

Seriously, Tumbleweed is a great robot and your 2008 team earned all the recognition they received.

I Look Forward to seeing your 2009 drivetrain. :smiley:

Here is the interveiw from this morning,

They all did very good, They make us very proud!

Good luck in 2009!!!


Indeed, a great interview for presumably entirely too early in the morning. Good job, JVNn (sic) and company! :slight_smile:

In case FOX4 pulls down their link, it is also posted here:


good job JVN and the entire Robowrangler team
mike d

What a great interview. Congratulations 148!

Inspiring video, well spoken John, Francis and company. I have a question has Amanda driven the robot yet? She looks like she wants to in the video heh. Here’s to alot more PR for FIRST :] .


All right since no one else will say it, I will. Where’s Amanda, I see her in the picture but it looks like she is trying very hard to hide :stuck_out_tongue:

You would think she would have perfected a “We just won World Championship” Pose by now. :smiley:

Looks cool.

did they really need to block the banner in that shot. lol

Hopefully we’ll pull in a lot more publicity for FIRST through Fox 4 with the Dallas Regional next year. There studios can’t be more than 30 minutes from the venue. It’d be great to have some rookie teams on the set next year to show the Dallas metroplex how much FIRST really affects the community’s youth.