pic: Roccobot 2K5

Team 233's 2005 Robot
Hope you like the picture
it had to be reduce to fill the 500kb limit

It seems quite similar to last year’s Roccobot. I had suspected you guys would stay close to that awesome design. Great job! I can’t wait to see the finished robot.


I could tell that was a 233 creation even without the pink.


Dude, Where are the motors?! You dont have much time!:ahh:

Something tells me that this picture was not taken very recently :wink:

That, or they had to remove everything before doing the paint job.

-smiles- this picture was released too early in my opinion…

in reality you could almost call this a teaser, because it really doesnt tell you anything about 2k5. we’ve modified some stuff since this picture was taken, and a lot of stuff is left out (motors namely… wheels too…) and… well… you all can draw your own conclusions. :slight_smile:

and Mike33… we’ve got plenty of time. :wink: we design the entire robot before we build it. :stuck_out_tongue:

What are you, crazy? Who needs a design? I can tell you, 1430 doesnt. :smiley:

What else could we all expect from a team that has Kit Gerhart…that guy is amazing! :slight_smile: