pic: Roccobot 2k8 233 gearbox

flanged bearings for the win : )

(just another picture in case the person asking for pictures was more interested in the transmission than the frame.)

It looks like it was just a single speed transmission. Is that the case? Also it looks like one of the gears is 32dp. What stage of the reduction is that and did you have any problems?

Who says gearboxes need to have sides! This looks really cool. I’ll have to keep this in mind next year.


Could we possibly get a top-down view of the gear box? Always liked the 233 drive trains, just never seemed to have a camera with me when I would come to your pits in Atlanta.

It appears to be (and I’d say most definately is) a single speed. There was no real need for a two-speed this year, IMHO. Although I am a huge supporter of custom two-speeds myself. It also appears that the first reduction is 32 dp and the second is 20 dp. This is generally a lighter alternative to two stages with 20 dp gears, and should by no means break, since the first reduction has much less load acting on the teeth. No surprise that this set-up was chosen, since 233 was clearly going for light-weight with this gearbox.

I’m personally a fan of the gearbox plate design. All of my theoretical DT designs followed a similar trend… Put the bearings where you need them, and minimal material connecting it all. If only I could have convinced the people in charge of the drive train to do something of that nature. Maybe our DT wouldn’t have weighed 60 pounds before excessive drilling:P .

Can someone enlighten me on what that seemingly useless circle on the left of the transmission is for?

i’m pretty sure this transmission has the final shaft and drive gear missing, and i think the hole to the far left is most likely an encoder mount to be geared off of the final gear. thats my guess.

btw what type of tires did you run this year?

I believe they had 4"x2" aluminum wheels (custom made) with nitrile roughtop on it.

Yes it is a single speed transmission.

Yeah, the first set is 32dp and the rest are 24dp
I don’t recall the reduction but we didn’t have any problems this year and we’ve been using the 32dp for quite a long time in our transmissions and never had any problems.

I can see if I have a picture off hand but if not then I can go take one but that might take a few days to get.

The whole is where our pot goes.

and the final drive shaft/gears were not in place yet along with the wheels at that point. I thought that the incomplete picture might make it easier for people to see how the direct drive actually works as the final hex drive shaft goes all the way through the center sprocket and center wheels thus driving the wheel and the two other wheels through the chains.

Yes, they’re about 4x2 inch aluminum wheels, you can see them here without the tread. http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/30236