pic: Roccobot 2k8

This is the incomplete 2k8 bot for this past year.
Someone in the Best Drive train thread(I believe it was) asked for some pictures of our chassis, so here it is, (sorry it was so late getting up).

The wheels and hex axles were not put in yet, nor were the pots on the gearbox, the axles were aluminum on the 4 ends and the center axles that went all the way through back into the gearbox (direct drive center wheel) were steel.

The actual chassis is 4x4 1/8in box tubing, with a 1/8in sheet on the bottom and a 1/16in sheet on the front and the back all riveted together to form an incredibly light and rigid frame.

If there are any other questions feel free to post questions.

What grade of aluminum did you use for the base, front, and rear sheets?

Pretty sure it’s just 6061. Nothin fancy.

yeah, it’s 6061, almost everything on the entire bot is 6061

How was that all cut out? Laser, water jet, or just a cnc mill?

All sheet metal was waterjet and all the box tubing was cnc mill.

Wow. I’m a bit surprised that 1/16" 6061 held up in such a high impact area. Especially with all that material cut out. Our drivers managed to bend a piece of 3/16" 6061 with a mild cheesing pattern in the same area this year. Glad that worked out for you guys though.

O, and your machines are always incredible works of engineering. I look forward to seeing them every year.

There were bumpers covering all sides so the only thing it came into direct contact with were those metal blocks at the ends of the divider on the playing field.

That makes sense. The side we damaged was the one side that didn’t have a bumper (it would have interfered with ball pickup).

Yeah, the bumpers do make a huge difference in what you can put where and still keep it rigid.

We also had a small, probably…6-8inch gab in the front of our bumpers for our manipulator.

The bumpers definitely have a huge effect.

We ran the scrimmage in CT without bumpers and it left our robot with several dents and dings down the sides.

What was the maximum speed?

It ran around 12-12.5 ft/s.