pic: Rochester NY - Kickoff 2010 Tailgating.

On Kickoff 2010 members from teams 340, 1126, 3157, and 3162 braved the 15 degree cold and snow to kickoof the new FIRST season with a tailgating party. A fun time was had by all

It was a great time of talking to old friends and eating breakfast food like pancakes, sausage, and bacon. Possibly a tradition for the future!

Where were you cooking and serving?

Awesome photo!

Please tell me you guys were eating garbage plates.

I remember seeing this as I was going into the theartre. You are all too wild.

“Please tell me you guys were eating garbage plates.” next year

Right in the parking lot! We brought a generator and some griddles! We had some trouble cooking the pancakes, bacon and suasage since it was SO COLD outside. The coldness masked the heat from the griddles, making it nearly impossible to cook anything. Haha. It took like 15 mintues to just cook one side of ONE pancake. Lesson learned: Pre-cook food if temperatures are below 20 degrees. :wink: People brought juice, bagels, muffins, donuts, coffee, hot chocolate and so many other things! So all was not lost. :slight_smile:

We cooked all the left over food a couple weeks later for one of our Saturday meetings.

It was so fun! Great way to start off the build season. :slight_smile: