pic: Rock n' Roll Robots



Motor Controller?!?!?

That looks like FTC Tetrix kits to me. :D.

i think its a vex kit

I think you have both there, in the front it looks like parts from the new FTC kit however the frame and metal in the back are definitely VEX, also there is a VEX motor on the frame.

and the wheels are from vex too? what could it be:confused:

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Well, fancy seeing you here Francesca. :slight_smile:

(For those of you who are wondering, we’re building two prototype robots right now but only have enough Tetrix for one of them. So the second one is being made out of Vex parts for now.)

Ah, But, From what I’ve heard, the differences between the Tetrix and the VEX kits are drastic. Would it be wise to prototype with VEX and then rebuild using tetrix?

Yeah, it’s not be the greatest, but it’s an easy and cheap way to have two ideas being built at the same time. Plus we’re going to try and model the really important/difficult bits with Tetrix if we can.