pic: Roles of Chief Delphi Users

Quick look at who CD users are. Data from the first ~12 hours of collection. Ignored users with no role set in their profiles.

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Interesting data… What time was this sample taken (and day)? I’m wondering if Chief Delphi is this Alumni/Mentor heavy, or it is just because it was in the middle of a school day.

I wonder if scouts are underrepresented on CD or if people just prefer flashier, more interesting titles like “student” :smiley:

I’m pretty sure it’s just that mentor heavy…

What percentage of users had no role set in their profiles? Maybe include ‘no role set’ in the chart?

Not all of the mentors here have always fallen into the mentor category.

When I first joined CD 12 years and started posting, I was still a student.

A weighted average of my posts would probably have like 80-90% of them occurring back when I was a student.

This is a good point. I’ll provide an updated version when I get back to my computer.

Data was taken hourly over a 12 hour window.

Something like that.

Many, many of the current mentors started as students. Time passed. Students go to college and come back and next thing you know… they’re mentors. Or volunteers.

Counting the same user multiple times or no?

It updates the number of times that it’s seen the user (I want to see who spends too much time on here), but won’t produce duplicates.

Percentage of “Scouts”?

If you’re the kind of person who likes FIRST enough to regularly post on CD, you’re also the kind of person who stays involved past high school, at least long enough to change the status on your profile. Your status doesn’t change when you quit FIRST altogether though. So, over time, more and more CD users will be listed as mentors, or alumni.

Most of the students on my team who use CD don’t bother to log in most of the time (quite a few don’t have accounts). The logs of who’s on line probably track the activities of posting and deep searching more than just catching up on the news and various forms of online scouting.

This is neat, thank you!

From when to when? I’d bet that more college students/adults are on CD during the 7a-4p window while high school students are generally in school (and supposedly occupied by classwork), so late afternoon/evening would give a more representative mix. And then when you throw time zones into the mix…

I wonder if we could break down the mentor roles to show how long the users have been on CD, by year? That would probably give a good indication of how many of us fall into the category of mentors that started on CD as students.

It’s from 12AM to 12PM, EST so not the best window. Script will keep running and pulling data, this was just what I’d collected so far.

I’m also pulling CD join date, and rookie year so trying to look at students becoming mentors may be feasible.