pic: Rolling Base

Wow after 3 long weeks we have something to show for all of our hard work. It rolls great!

be happy, it is more than we have

We are very HAPPY! Last years bot never got finished so this is the greatest thing ever. A rolling Chassie!
Drew Hopman
Team 801

you were not able to compete?

Nope, we had a track system that had one fatal problem. A drive shaft that was about 2 inches to short. When we fired up the motor the first time it ripped the whole mount out of place and all of our work was gone.

Where you at the Saint louis regional? I remember one team near us in the pits that had some unspecified problems and wound up leaving early.

We got rolling today. All we need is to add keystock and make some electrical connections and drill some more holes and cotter pin some stuff, and we will reach the holy grail that is: driving!

I’m hoping do reach that by mid-afternoon tommorow.

We will see.

Looks great, I like it. Looks kind of like ours (hint hint) but those cast iron pillow blocks and (what looks like) steel axles have got to weigh a ton.

I like the big push bars on the front and back. Good for lots of smashing … ermm I mean, friendly contact. :smiley:

Hehe, great job! It’s always exciting to get the first ‘roll’ from your base isn’t it? :smiley:

And don’t get discouraged by the three week mark! We did not have ANYTHING metal built until the fourth week last year :wink: