pic: Rolling DuctTape!!

1511 once again had the great fun of joining the Duct Tape Bandits in competition!! After bonding several years ago, and culminating with last years “When I say Rolling you say Duct Tape”, “RANDOM-IZER”, and “Purple Alliance” cheers at the Philadelphia Regional (just ask Pete, we were cheering nonstop behind him!), we were thrilled to compete at the same regional again! Unfortunately our scouting power requirements put us up in the nosebleeds, but that didnt stop our teams from cheering together… we all love our Duct Tape!! :smiley:

We all love our Thunder!

All I have to add to the picture is that we were all yelling, “DEEEEEERRRR!”

YES! I was so confused, when someone was said “Give me a deer!”. I said to the person next to me, “Give him what?”. Turned out AWESOME though!

Seems like we’re stalking each other and we keep secretly showing up at regionals together. We’re good at the whole coordination thing!