pic: Rookie 2791 progress

The intake is just sitting there not mounted yet, and the platform is for spacing purposes at the moment. The short side on the left front is 9".

Hurrah for fiberglass and wood!

Looking good Mr. H, let us know how the intake works for you! Any idea on weight for now? :rolleyes:

What gearboxes are you guys using on that rs-545 (or maybe fisher price)? I would say an AM Planetary, but they aren’t red.

Pro Tip: You can order them non anodized!

Very good progress i would say, looks rather good :wink:

Is the camera always going to be staring at the electronics? Just thought it was kind of funny, but it looks great, and you are doing well with time, lots of driving practice.

good luck

The camera will not placed there looking at the electronics, that board just happened to have the camera attached to it when we placed it there for spacing observations.

Nice! i gotta see what it does man, send me a vid once you guys are done cuz i seriously need to see what this can pull off

Hey, are you sure you guys are rookies? That looks awesome!

Hey Don,

Thanks, if all goes well, you will get to see it in person next October at your pre-season event.

That looks pretty nifty! Great job, and good luck this season!