pic: Rookie Mistake

It was the 2nd round we were out, and we never expected to be playing defence. We’ve learned from our mistake though!

(For those who don’t know the foul, it’s due to us touching the blue bot as its bumpers are over the defence.)

If only it were true!

Actually, this foul (G43) has been called on many teams that are not rookies.

Everyone has these times do not sweat it just make sure to read the manual more carefully next year.

I personally go through the manual 10-15 times per year but before an event as a driver I will make sure I know every single place it is possible to get a foul which is never a bad idea to either avoid a bad call or more importantly keep yourself out of trouble.

Just know although it is easy to say this is a rookie mistake it is a game rule all of which change year to year so this could be an issue for any team it just boils down to not reading the manual well enough.

All I can say is at least you did not step over of the defenses.

twice in a row, as some people have done —> instant Red Card