pic: Rookie Team 1726 Final Robot

Here she is in all of her glory…the MegaMaid. She was 40 pounds overweight, but now lean, mean, and a skinny 118.3 pound fighting machine. Good Luck to all participants this year.

I absolutely love the cheese holes. Looks like a solid robot guys - good work.

i only have one question about your robot, i see how the balls go in, but once their in how do you get them out?

There is a pneumatic gate at the bottom of the hopper. When she has gone from ‘suck to blow’, we reverse the rollers and open the gate. We can unload 25 balls in the matter of a few seconds.

if you look close you can see the switch…

Hmmm. this picture looks like an ad. Or when a star drinks a soda and looks at you and gives a thumbs up and turns the can to where you can see what soda it is…

Anywho whats it weigh?

weigh? that’s a touchy subject for an older woman to answer…and it’s very impolite to ask such a thing.

(118 on our highest reading scale)

Man, I wish I was there yesterday to see this thing in action. Anyway, it’s turned out a lot better than I expected. Well, all we have to do now is clean up…

Well Sean, you will have an opportunity to see her in action in 12 days. :smiley:

Killer Cheese Grater!

Nice work.

Thank you, being 40 pounds overweight will drive a team to the mighty Rotex machine quickly. :smiley: