pic: rookie team 3044 on the move

not quite done, but getting there

Oooo, interesting frame design. For ball intake I presume. Great job guys! Really getting there. :slight_smile:

I love asymmetrical designs! Usually means that a team has done a lot of planning for their final design.

who is that sexy beast on the far left?


Great Job 3044!

Best of luck in your season.

Great job 3044!!!
You should be very proud of your work!! Looks like you will be a force on the field!!

We hope to see you guys in Atlanta!!!

Very Impressive.

Thanks for all the input, guys. We’re going to try and get some more photos taken and uploaded some time soon as we’ve been working on our robot a lot and it’s coming along well :wink:

Great job guys! I’m really impressed by what you’ve done so far and how you work together. I’ll be looking forward to you guys updating us on your progress and seeing what great things 3044 will accomplish in the future.