pic: Rookie Team 4525 t-shirt design!!

Pretty excited about our t-shirt design! Famous robots through history :slight_smile: How many robots can you name??

That is an awesome t-shirt. I would say, though, Bender should have either the year 2999 or 3000 next to him. Very unique shirt design though. :smiley:

My OCD wants this to be in chronological left > right order.

Cool concept for a shirt though :slight_smile:

lol I was thinking the same thing.

That’s funny you mention the OCD thing…I felt it too and it makes me look at the t-shirt longer because of that. Subliminal mind game :slight_smile:

I must agree with the OCD comments. Nice shirt though! ::safety::

I can see:

  1. R2D2 (1977)
  2. Not sure on the name, but the robot from “Lost in Space” (1965)
  3. Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots (1964)
  4. Also not sure on the name, but the robot from “Futurama” (1999)
  5. The Terminator (1984)

Robby the Robot and Bender

Why does Lt. Cmdr. Data always get snubbed.

I feel like a cool idea for your team’s shirt next year is the same thing but to add a picture of your robot from this season and label it 2013. Just a thought.

My OCD is worried for your screen printing company having to align those different screens with that precision. The Lost in Space robot will be particularly challenging.

What color shirt is this going on, and what order are you printing? I would guess black shirts, printing white then blue then red… But looking at the blown up picture, even that arrangement seems highly unlikely to work well.

TLDR; I’d recommend running this by a graphic designer that works often with screen printed t-shirts. He’d likely have some useful suggestions that will make it more likely you’ll be happy with how the shirts come out.

In order from the top going left to right…

1964-rock em sock em robots
1984- terminator
1962- “rosie” from the “jetsons” cartoon
1927- robot maria from “metropolis”
1977- “r2d2” from “star wars”
1965- robbie the robot…aka b-9 or as will robinson called him “robot”
1999- “bender” from “futurama”

Words can not describe the level of pride I would have while sporting that shirt.
Great design!

Love the design! You guys are doing awesome, keep it up!

That’s EXCELLENT! I have to say… nice choice of iconic robots, and bender!!! :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

You’ve got them all! Thought we would use a random selection. This could be changed every year, there is so much material. Good work on Metropolis!

Ya, the order was determined by the colour of box in the background. It’s a balance thing. The dates were added later. Will take that into consideration next time.

Robbie the Robot is from the movie Forbidden Planet (and was used in many subsequent movies).

The one on Lost In Space was the “B-9 Environmental Control Robot”, usually just called “Robot”. You can see them both at the same time here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOt3oPd2QH4

So, when will you start excepting orders!?? I’ll take a medium! :stuck_out_tongue: Love the design!

That’s so awesome! I really like it! :slight_smile: