pic: Rookie team 6957 teaser

The robot looks really good! Do you have at least 6" of area on each side of your frame gap for bumpers?

Great looking robot!

Did you guys make an AM14U out of flat steel pieces, and then weld flanges on to it? What thickness is it?


Looks very nice. How much does the robot weigh? I imagine an all steel robot is going to weigh quite a lot.

How are you liking the rack and pinion? Are you powering your climber through it? How is the pinion handling that load?

Also can you post a video of your elevator running? I’m not quite sure I understand how it works.

Looking good! This is a new rookie team in Las Vegas. We got to see their bot on Saturday and it is actually mostly made of titanium!!

on that picture it actually doesn’t, but thats a old picture, we’ve changing somethings.

We are actually using titanium sheets and they are 0.06 in thick

Now it is around 75 pounds right now, because we were looking for a simple design.

rack and pinion are working well, sometimes it can get out of t’s way, but not a problem. Yeah we are doing it and we have tested it climbing with other robot on top (system is not on that picture). They are handling well also, the only thing to be careful now on that system are the versas because if we force them on the wrong way they can brake.

we didn’t take so many videos of the system

that’s right! :slight_smile: