pic: room


do you guys have a dedicated room for robotics? i ask because i see stuff from previous games laying around.

Yes, our school had a spare room in the tech department, it’s all ours and that’s also why it’s all messy.

Looking at that picture reminds me of my kids I-SPY books…

Can you spot the 6-amp Battery charger, a deflated 30" ball, Part of 2002 goal, 2003 ramp sample, and 2003/2004 plastic Drill Motor Mount?

The charger is on the shelf by the chalk board in the left side of the pic.
The 30’ deflated ball is under the cart in the bottom right of the pic.
The 2002 game piece is leaning up against the table in the almost center of the pic.
I am guessing that the 2004 ramp sample is the piece of plywood in the back left of the pic leaning on the table?
The motor mount is in the back table near the 2002 piece on the table, I believe that is is yellow.

How many red balls do you see in the pic?
Where is the Allen key set?
How many table vises can you find?

Actually, the 2003 ramp sample is on the top of the cart in the bottom center of the picture.

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