pic: Rosie on the scale

43.5 pounds to go.

Lucky… We just weighed in at 118 Lbs, without a battery mount or covers. We have places where we can lighten up though.

Well good for you you stay under the weight limitations.
When I first looked at the picture, I though to myself, how on earth could that be so heavy, but then I recalled that you weigh in lbs.
We weight in kilograms and that 75 kilograms would be way above the limit.

Man, you guys need to add some sort of extra dead weight or something…We weighed in with everything we had and only came out to 110ish, but guarantee you it WILL weigh within a half a pound of the 120 by the time we’re done, even if ballast needs to be added. Great job keeping it that underweight!

wow. after drilling tons of holes and changing EVERYTHING possible from aluminum to carbon fiber, we were STILL .1 over the legal weight!

May I inquire what kind of wheel that is? I recognize the first-generation 2-speed transmission though.

Those would be the 6 inch performance wheel from andymark.