pic: Rosie's first tank drive since 2002

This is our first tank drive since zone zeal in 2002.

This looks great! Did you manufacture the plates yourselves or are those COTS?

What material are those? The oily paper behind almost suggests black-oxide steel.

How are they driven? And is there any kind of suspension?

Yes, student designed, (on PTC CREO) student machined at G&L Tool (one of our sponsors) out of 1/4" plate aluminum, (donated by T&W Metal, a new sponsor) and anodized (by Valley Plating).

They will be powered by a custom single speed gearbox by 2 CIMs and, yes there are provisions for a suspension system. (That will be the next iteration)

One more thing, the belts and pulleys are from Brecoflex, the same supplier we used 15 years ago and whats even better, they now cater to FIRST teams with special pricing and made for FRC teams belts. Email them for pricing and options.