pic: ROV Amanda Practicing for NURC 08

Practicing piloting Amanda for the NURC 08

Where did you get the claws? They’re really cool :slight_smile:

Very nice!

that reminds me…we probably ought to put the name of our school, and maybe our sponsors, on our robot? :slight_smile:

24 hrs to build and practice before we have to get some sleep and go on our trip…

how long do you have to build them

The competition is announced in the fall. Octoberish.
So there is plenty of building time, but the FIRST teams do most of their work after the Atlanta competitions.

There is one team in AZ that started building a week ago. They had it ready for testing a couple of days ago but accidentally flooded their electronics and are rebuilding.

Wait a minute, something’s wrong here. A team building an UNDERWATER robot floods their electronics and has to rebuild?:stuck_out_tongue:

At least it sounds like a quick rebuild, if the build was that fast.

Keeping water out adds a whole new dimension to the challenge of building a robot!

HAHA, That would be us. We are operational again, and we are starting to build our second bot as i am writing this.

We built most of our 3rd robot yesterday, it’s working now. Tonight is “learn how to drive” night for our 3 drivers. And we have to get up around 3:30 or 4 to be on our way to Phoenix…

It’s midnight here and we just finished putting the planes in the water. the field is about ready. there will be a local TV station (channel 12)doing arriving at the pool at 5 am for some video. It’s going to be quite a weekend.

Remembe, Saturday night: Live www.h2orobots.org 8 pm MST (11PM EDT, 3am Sunday. It should run about 8 hours. Quite a few teams are FIRST teams also.