pic: RS-775s and CIM-U-LATORs

Finally got our BB shipment! Here’s a photo for anyone who hasn’t a clue what they look like.

Wow… Team 2502 is extremely envious of your new package… ::rtm::

We actually ordered three CIM-U-LATORS, but I only took a picture of two.

Why? It’s build season…


Glad to see the CIMulators aren’t vaporware after all.

That’s why…

We are in need of a CIM-U-LATOR but gave up using them for design once we realized that we couldn’t get them until the build season was over…

Excellent! Thank you very much for the photo! It is a relief to know that the CIM-U-LATORS aren’t vaporware after all.

Any chance you could post a photo of an assembled motor/gearbox package so we can get a better idea how much the motor hangs over the side of the gearbox?

Thanks again!

I saw a CIMulator running in the forest one day. I was going to capture it, but the second I whipped out a RS550 to mount it, it ran off.

The day that I shall never forget.

  • Sunny

Quick question… approximately when did you place the order with Banebots ? I fear that our order may come when we are relaxing during March break !

Approx. Two weeks ago.



I have placed a CIM-U-LATOR CAD model here: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/papers/2444


I know this is nitpicky but it may help- our motors have more rectangular fan vents rather than round ones as I’ve seen in many pics. And CORRECTION from earlier it WAS NOT KOP-- we ordered it in the mail

The original (2012?) version had an issue with covering the input air vent on the motor. Has Bainbots addressed this? The old solution was to mill “X” channels in the gearbox face where the motor mounts. I am not sure but I believe that face is down in the picture so I can not tell if the design has be updated.

Be advised that the RS775 motors overheat even under light load if the air vents are blocked. They depend on an internal fan moving air to achieve the power rating.