pic: Rubber band Strafer

yep i made a sweet and cute Rubber band launcher

Now all you need is a CMUcam on it… and hey- automatic room guard!

hee hee…looks fun… don’t hurt anyone now lol…

Its a robot that my mom would say about “That will poke your eye out!!!” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

that was MY idea!!! http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=29618&highlight=lego+omni
but ill allow it because it shoots more than one rubber band

Looks pretty sweet, I’m just curious about some specs. Like how many can it launch, how quickly, how far, etc. Cool idea for a project.

Also, how are the motors arranged on it? It’s kind of hard to tell from the pic.

Nice work BTW.

its basicaly a 2 wheel crab that’s default position is 2wd. and it can swing those modules either left or right. the rubber band launcher can launch as many rubber bands as i can fit on there. witch is alot and it just spins that paddle and they fly verry rapidly after each other.

all you need now is the Vision Camera add on, and a bit of programing, and its deadly to anybody wearing a Green Shirt.

looks great, looks like you’re starting to build up quite a stock of weapons.

Yeah whats with you and making weapons?!? :ahh: Its like your in some personal arms race (and im feeling like im behind). It looks great and it appears you have room to mount a second one hint hint. You could start a battleVex game… drool… Can’t wait to see what comes out next! :smiley:

i should make it play soccer or somthing. it would be a good goal teder

Sweeeet. If I ever become a secret agent for the government, I am so hiring you as “Q” to do my weapons.

…all you need now is the Vision Camera add on, and a bit of programing, and its deadly to anybody wearing a Green Shirt…

Hehehe, I can see Dave using something like this to show off a new VEX Vision system, remember kickoff?

Dave: Over here is the amazing new vex vision system and as you can see, as I drone on about all the cool stuff this system should be able to do if it actually works, the robot is following me around the field on it’s own!

Audience: Ooooooooh… Aaaaaaaaaaah…

Dave: Wait a second, this isn’t the right bot. And what’s that rubber stuff on the top for? Dean, Woodie, what’s going on? Hehe, maybe I shouldn’t have worn this bright Hawaiian shirt. Not funny guys!


Robot: (spastic rubber machine gun fire)

Dave: Aaaaaaaahhh Ouch! Ouch! Stop it! Ouch! That’s against the safety rules! Ouch! Ouch! Aaaaaaaaaah!

Dave runs off stage, still getting pelted by the bot. :smiley:

Think it could happen?


have you tested it on anyone yet?
it’s awesome btw…

Thanks for the “great” idea. Now I am not going over his house until he takes that robot apart. :slight_smile:

… looks awesome Tytus.

i’m sure you could… go for it!

have fun tytus…not too much

Just what he needs. Something else that can fling stuff across the room.