pic: Ryan Dognaux sportin' the sticker...

Ryan certainly showed his 269 spirit at the Championships!

Heck yes I did! I was sporting a TechnoKats bandana there too :slight_smile:

I put one of those stickers on my car too, I’ll get a picture up of it soon.

Dang, I wanted one of those bumper stickers. Ah well…

I saw that on you, Ryan, and I started cracking up. That’s awesome. I almost was about to come tap you on the shoulder and say, “FOUND YA!” =P


There we go. I love putting stickers on my car and having people just wonder what they mean.

People had no clue what “Vote for Pedro” was until Napoleon Dynamite really took off :stuck_out_tongue:

We will have the last of our stickers at IRI this summer, there are only about 150-200 floating around that I know of :wink:
I’ll post a picture of all of the crazy places that we found our stickers stuck to later on…

I saw one of those on the MARTA train going Southbound to the airport that we took this morning. It gave me a good laugh. I wish I picked one of those up.

If anyone has any shots to contribute, just email them to me. People, MARTAs, escalator handrails, baggage claims, airplane tray tables… :yikes:

Perhaps vandalizing the city of Atlanta isn’t the best way to get them to continue welcoming FIRST to return.

Do people think before they act anymore?

I hardly feel that putting a sticker on something (that isn’t too hard to peel off) is an act of vandalism. At least not compared to the amount of graffiti I saw spray painted on various things en route to the Georgia Dome.

I hardly think placing a sticker on a MARTA train will change the contract FIRST has with the Georgia Dome :rolleyes:

Go 269! I heart my vision sticker :slight_smile: