pic: Ryan Hall (Hallry), 1676 - WAI

2017 St. Louis FIRST Robotics Competition Championship Winners


we get it

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Too much lens flare for my taste… :rolleyes:

Amazing robot, spectacular alliance, ridiculous finals.

Congratulations, very well deserved.


I feel insulted, stupid grass.

You weren’t the one doing field reset.

To be fair, neither was I on Einstein:D . The fuel alone was a nightmare though.

I don’t think you understand, that grass is literally THE GRASS. It is the sacrosanct ground that only the honorable feet of baseball players may touch. As mere mortals, we should have been honored that they let us even exist in the airspace above that grass. The last time that grass was touched by someone who wasn’t a professional baseball player or groundskeeper, the gods of baseball very nearly smote the city of Houston off the map. Confetti would have surely resulted in the end of the world as we know it.

Stupid grass.

If the fireworks were better executed, I think that would’ve been even better than the confetti. I was down getting ready to tear down Einstein and everyone was getting antsy because we had to wait for them to be over and then for people to leave so that they could fire the lights back up.

Congratulations Ryan! Could not have happened to a nicer guy or a nicer team.

Surprise! Hallry’s picture was actually taken by J.J.Abrams.

But seriously, congratulations!

winning a world championship gives you at least several days of guilt free gloating. he earned it! congrats ryan

Legend has it that’s what happened to the olde town of Huston, TX

Back on topic: Congrats man!

Some say that one lone fuel ball is still there to this day

Ryan, shouldn’t you also be in the picture?