pic: S.P.A.M. 2005 Bot

And now presenting the 2005 bot for team 180, S.P.A.M. !! well here she is everyone this is taken over the weekend. The baby's name to be determined soon. On behalf of team S.P.A.M. we all wish you luck and see you at the competitions.

she sure is a beauty…
some info please???

Fast, powerful, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

she’s gorgeous!!

i can’t wait to see her in action.

that looks sweet, I can’t wait to see it at Nat’s. good luck this year with that beautiful machine.

That thing can do some strong defense so I heard. She pushes Fluffy. hmm… I guess I will just have to wait till UCF regional to see it in person.

So whats her name?

… good luck SPAM.


looks beefy…see ya @ UCF…

yup i agree warren :slight_smile:

other details well lets see-- it moves-- it has 4 sides-- it has an arm-- it’s blue and silver mostly-- i has motors and wires and lots of other things.

well you all can get all the details at ucf, palmetto and the championship–till then you’ll have to wait-- cya there

and the name for our bot is… El Chupacabra

she’s welcome to our lovely s.p.a.m. family officially with a name

(yes i know it has el which is male in spanish but all well whatever…i didn’t make up the name…i believe i spelled it right sry was never good at spanish)


wow. very nice bot

that drivetrain looks interesting to me. info maybe?


“I like that…it has a ring to it!” </Sarge>

Nice bot SPAM! Can’t wait to see ya’ll in UCF!

drive chain-- 4 cim powering it

2 belts on each side

2 fisher prices–for lift
and our fork uses the globe

anything else???

this bot is the most complete looking we have ever had so far–so thanks to my team and my great mentors

we have numbers that aren’t drawn :wink:

why two belts instead of one?

well we had issues w/ just one on each side in the past of breaking belts–hopeing this will be better

El chupacabara.

El bitching.
(The name and the bot)

Very solid build…but the fisher price motor gearbox looks out of place :stuck_out_tongue: .


El Chupacabra Sighted

*New Chupacabra Avatar!

Anyone else remember the days when SPAM was just meat in a can?
Awesome job guys :cool: :slight_smile: :]

how high can taht thing fold out?