pic: S.P.A.M. Girls at the S.P.A.M. Team Party


Izzy, Mary, Me, April, Noelle, and Tiff having a great time!

Saw 413 hits, and just wanted to know what everyone was thinking. (And Tiff was like, “i’m suprised that there is no discussion then,” so I just had to start one. Add to it if you like. :slight_smile:

hey don’t blame me just joking now-- brittney posted first now–lol

all well-- so i’m not paying attention to this camera once again mutiple cameras going off

i’m soo gonna miss hangin’ with these gals after next year-- one more year for me but i’m sooo visiting!


$@#$@#$@#$@# those SPAM girls r sexy, im sry let me make a correction the ORIGINAL-SPAM girls r freaken sexy. :yikes:

I think this is why it’s no longer possible to start a discussion about Who Am I? pictures.

wow… I LOVE GIRLS IN FIRST!!! Gotta love those SPAM girls…

What are those medals for that ya got? What did you win?

It is.