pic: S.P.A.M.'s arm & chasis (before adding the aircraft carrier ramp)

Scores ringers on all three levels and picks tubes from ground.

:yikes: That is one mouth watering robot! Looks like another excellent robot from the guys and gal in FL.

what’s the specs of the drives?

…there is a ramp too!

wow… another nice robot as you can expect from the spam team… that is a very tricky arm. I like the design, and I can see this robot working very well for you. I wish you and your team the best of luck at regionals!

Are there 4 tank tracks on this robot? If so, how well caan it turn? Very interisting design.

It looks like a split-track system…if so, were you having trouble with the belts snapping, or was this a preemptive measure?

SPAM’s Robot for the past few years have used a split track system i believe, its does have a lot of benefits such as redundancy in the drive train so if a belt snaps, u can still move somewhat straight.
This also provides them with some pushing power, the last thing ours team’s drivers wanna do is get in their way:D

Last year one of the treads snapped during our second quarter-final match at nationals. We won that match after our robot easily made it up the ramp after our two alliance partners.