pic: S.P.A.M. Spirit Bear


Newest Addition to the S.P.A.M. Family :slight_smile:

Help name the S.P.A.M. Spirit Bear. His “sister S.P.A.M. animal” is “Winston” the penguin, and now the S.P.A.M. bear needs a name. Any suggestions?

I’m sorry. I can’t possibly think of a name for that bear. I don’t know anything about it!

Winston was easy to name. Once you got to know him, it was kinda obvious that his name should be Winston Smith.

I suggest getting to know your bear. Find it’s most admirable (and obscure :wink: characteristic and name it based on that!

I’ll be sure to stop by and say hello to Winston in Atlanta!!

Hey! You stole our Sparky Spirit Bear idea! j/k guys :wink: