pic: S.P.A.M's bot in the end

S.P.A.M. proudly went down in style our last match. We had a great year and this bot has been through a lot. So it may broke “just a tad” but that’s okay. We had a great time in Alanta and the team will be back next year with a new bot of course! El Chupacabra is a great bot still!! Thanks for a great year to my team and building this beast was of of course tons of fun :slight_smile:

It was an unfortunate series of events that happened in that third match. Nothings to regret about it though, you guys did great and still tried to play defense with how every many feet of that was pulled out. It was painful to watch your hard work get dragged around and bashed like that and I just want to let you know that if any of my team mates blames 180 for our loss, that they will regret saying that :wink: .

I personally think that if that didn’t happen, we had a good chance of winning and maybe going really far. This wasn’t anyone’s fault. The circumstances were perfect for that to happen and it did. We don’t blame anyone, even our own drivers; they did a really great job during that match and for the entire season.

I felt sick when that happened. At first, I was in shock and later, I was really sad. I think a lot of us were, but looking back at it now, this was one of our team’s most successful years, if not THE most successful (thinking of Fluffy year). Our alliance did great. Thanks to those two teams.

We will discuss whether we want to fix it or not. One mentor says it will be a lot of work and another says it is not much. We will discuss whether we want to fix it up.

A way to look at it is: a robot that is broken shows that it has survived more than a robot that doesn’t even have a scratch.

well i was very excited that we actually got to pick SPAM! i was the one going around scouting for third round teams and i came by the 180 pit and said i want that robot for third round and it happened! excellent drive train and cool arm design. it was too bad it didn’t work out well because we would have beat the other alliances easily. we were one of the top 3 alliances at the #7 seed. the best alliance was the one that beat us and showed up on the final four. great job 279 and 180!

El Chupacabra’s break was extremely painful for me to watch, but at least this is a year we will never forget. Thank you’s to teams 279 1126 for making the perfect alliance. Our bot has a broken arm, and I’m hoping we fix it. This would make the perfect summer Girl’s Camp project.

i was pulling my hair when i saw this from the field… i was apart of building this robot from the beginning it is a bit heartbreaking…but i realized it was all good…some didn’t know that it would last this long…we are extremely thankful we were able to play in the quarterfinals… the lift will be eventually fixed…s.p.a.m. is taking the next few weeks off due to AP and ib exams…

s.p.a.m. is still proud of our Lil beast…even though she’s apart right now a little surgery and she’ll be back in action…

thanks for the support you guys and thanks for picking us!! we had tons of fun…ending to a great year :slight_smile:

You guys had a great bot. When I looked at the brackets, I knew we were facing the best or second best alliance in the tournament. Sometimes, bad stuff happens. We gave them a run for their money, but it wasn’t meant to be this time. Congratulations to both you and team 279 for putting together some great machines, and thanks for joining us in the tournament.