pic: S.W.A.T. 1806 Stronghold 2016 FRC field

We have half of a 2016 Stronghold field built on the stage in our gym.

Does this also count as a mini teaser, because I see what I would think is a Low Bar catapult and also possibly a tall shooter?

Looking good, and can’t wait to see y’all at GKC!

When you can’t decide what to build… prototype everything! Yeah, we have been adding shooter mechanisms to previous years robots for testing purposes. Our recycle rush robot has been playing defense! We can’t wait for GKC, and we are pumped for the game this year!

The field looks great. Seeing your 3 most recent robots again just reminds me of all the great things this team has achieved. Expecting another monster of a robot this year.

Any thoughts on scaling? Didn’t see a rung on the wooden tower.

We’ve decided to take some inspiration from you guys for scaling the tower this year, and we will have the rung up when we are ready to test it.

Thanks for the compliment, we are thinking there will be a few monster robots at GKC this year.Glad you could make it, wasn’t the same last year without you.

Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with this year. Seems like you take it to a higher level year after year.

How is programming with Java instead of LabView going?

Considering how early it is in the season… pretty good. The only thing we are still working on is vision tracking, and I’d say we already have it working better than we ever did with Labview, but we are trying to up the level this year, and that has been a weakness for us in the past. So how is your team liking the game? As we watched the kickoff I imagined that your team was probably going crazy with excitement over the theme!

That’s awesome! It reminds me of our rookie year back in 2005 (we didn’t have as much school support as we do now) when we built a field on our auditorium stage for a Week 0 Event! Great minds think alike! :]

Indeed! We love our spot on the stage. I do always worry about a robot getting driven off the stage which is about a 4 foot drop. Had any experience in that area?

Yep. Almost pitched our 2015 robot into the crowd during a demonstration. That would have been terrible had our driver not corrected quickly. I recommend barriers if possible, or just stay 10’ back from the edge.

Even with 10 feet I’m worried about our runaway autonomous routines which seem to do a number of unpredictable things. Here is a video of our robot deciding to turn into the wall at Worlds this year.

and here is another where we drive straight into the wall for no apparent reason at IRI in 2014.

I just don’t want to be around when the robot decides to jump off the stage and land on somebody.

There was much rejoicing. Yaaaay!

Seriously, it was awesome. Pressure is on to take it up a notch this year for the Kuhnigits. Vision tracking is going to be really important this year with such a small goal. I predict a lot of teams will spend significant time chasing their missed shots around the field.

Good luck to you and your team, we always enjoy seeing what you come up with. I have a picture in my head of what your Titanium inspired scaler may look like, but that seems like a lot of drawer sliders!:slight_smile:

Here is a link to a pic of Team Titanium Tech’s FTC bot that is very inspirational. The use of 3D printing really got our students thinking, and got a few more trying to learn inventor. As always 1986 pushed the bar a little higher and we are going to see if we can stretch out and reach it.


Oh, I see what you did there. Nice. We shall also be reaching for the bar, but in a Kuhnigity sort of way.

That isn’t the inspiration I was thinking of but it is very cool! Love the tape measure thing. I was thinking of this one. 2013 - The Kraken

We were lucky enough to play alot of matches with the Kraken that year. That was an awesome robot.

If this doesn’t involve a killer rabbit biting the bar…

…it will involve a shrubbery.

We tried the shrubbery last year on the roller claws. Found out that it doesn’t handle 1200 RPMs very well.