pic: Sabre Bytes 772 - 2012 - DROID

FRC Team 772, Sabre Bytes, 2012 robot.

Nice looking robot.

<insert complaint about illegal bumpers here>


Awesome. Robot. Is. Awesome.

But the above comment is right. Wait till competition, open the bag and get a bumper fixing party going.

Wow! Great looking bot!
Is the shooter on a turret or fixed?
Cya at GTR

I’m more worried about whoever tried to add tags to this picture than the bumpers. :wink:

Not sure if this was facetious or not… it does seem like the first comment in a robot reveal thread usually has a comment about the bumper legality… I don’t see what’s illegal about these bumpers, though.

I could see one complaint being the numbers (you have to display the numbers at four ~90deg), but aren’t allowed anything other than numbers on the bumpers, so one of the 772s on the front could be considered redundant? But honestly, I don’t see how an inspector could rule those bumpers illegal because of that…

Because the rules explicitly mention that a team may not have their number more than 4 times on their bumpers. I think with the rules saying we cant split numbers, having them on both sides would help but I could forsee a rookie team/rookie scouter thinking that there is a team 772772 at the regional because of the double numbers.

It’s at odds with past practice, but FIRST has been consistent about stating in Q&As this year that there must only be four sets of numbers on the bumpers, at approximately 90° intervals.

I don’t think anyone will be confused about team 772772, but 11 and 1111 (for example) could end up at an event together…maybe with 111 too, just for the sake of confusion.

Easy solution: flip the fabric over. (If it’s Cordura, it won’t be exactly the same on the back…but it ought to work fine, if you’re not too concerned about the frictional characteristics of the bumper.)

Sorry for not saying this before, But we already know about our bumpers being illegal. We have fabric ready to change them when we get to competitions, if flipping the fabric over doesn’t work (paint could have bleed through).

I’m more worried about whoever tried to add tags to this picture than the bumpers.

Lmao I laughed when i noticed this, i honestly didnt tag the picture like that, idk how it got like that :slight_smile:

I gave up on picture tagging a while ago; it’s been broken for months (and actually, the tag voting has been subtly broken for years).

(I haven’t PM’d/e-mailed Brandon recently about this. Maybe the uploader wants to volunteer?)

Alright, thanks Mike and Tristan… I really don’t keep up with the Q&A enough! I mostly just read the rules and their updates…

Nice Robot!