pic: Sacramento High Score :P


Wow were they able to do that by carrying 1 boulder at a time?? I am very impressed! haha

I’m curious as to how they managed to all get red cards.

I’m guessing it was just the refs “stress testing” the system. At least, that’s probably the official term for messing around. :rolleyes:

Hi MattRain,

I believe this is a photo of the refs testing out the scoring system. I’ve seen a number of these photos before so it’s nothing to be concerned about. This was likely not from an actual match.

Thank you for posting this though, it happens every week and there always seems to be someone like yourself that doesn’t understand what’s going on and posts here for help. This will assist others in your situation.

Best Regards,


All that and they couldn’t manage to capture and get the last rp

Who can get that many fouls without multiple red and yellow cards? ::rtm:: ::rtm:: ::rtm:: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Probably T12’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

5055 points and we could have done more!