pic: Sacrificed Disc

We needed half the rim of a disc for a prototype. Sadly “Tiger Lily” was the chosen disc. In case anyone cares they do cut very nicely with a band saw.

… My team who is having money issues is looking at this like your insane. Those are 5.50 each what could you be doing that requires half a disk?

How are the frisbees holding up for everyone during prototyping? They seem to get marked up quickly, anyone experience any significant damage?

We are seeing plenty of scuffing, but nothing other than surface level.

On the grand scale of FRC (where the average mid-level team’s budget could buy a respectable car), a $5.50 expenditure (especially when you have spares on hand) is not a big impact when you know it’ll make a difference. We’ve been known to run up the street to a Firehouse Subs to get a couple of their $2 pickle buckets for prototyping material in a hurry.

Oh, is that what we are supposed to tell the school accountants it was for?!

I thought “Food for Thought” was appropriate. :stuck_out_tongue:

On topic:

Why is a FRC specific Frisbee required, as opposed to a cheap $1 one?

Because it is an ultimate Frisbee disk. They are heavier then $1 ones

Good point. I was only thinking about the shape and size, not the weight.

Yes: the frisbees become substantially harder to grip onto with every scratch and wear, making things all but impossible for ground pickup as we have prototyped, and less accurate for the shooter. Also warping of the discs can be a problem.

I drove over a couple using last year’s drive train and purposefully got them stuck in the chains. They are scratched up, but all in all ok. I also propped one up against an immovable object and rammed into it with the robot, it didn’t break.

I’d say that we’ll be seeing a lot of scuffing this year, but not a lot of breaking.

Our prototype (using a belt at the time) put a pretty deep gash in the frisbee. There was too much compression between the wall an the belt, and when the disk stopped, the belt just melted throught through the disk like butter.

I don’t know if this is a good place to discuss this, but what do you guys think the life cycle for the frisbees will be in competition?

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Scuffing might be worse than breaking, because the flight path will still be altered and the field crew will be instructed to leave it on the field.

The only real damage that we have seen in testing is when we had a wheel start melting through a frisbee when it got stuck in our launcher. scuffing and warping of our frisbees is not altering our shots much, if at all, but they sure do look nasty in some places!

one tip- if you cover a wheel in something extra: dont use gaffers tape as your outer layer. yeah, its really strong and doesnt wear much, but its REALLY slick, way more than we thought, and it will not grab frisbees at all. just a thought, maybe it will save someone some time.

Can you cite the rule on this?

I’m anticipating FIRST’s actions. Do you really expect them to replace every disk that went through a shooter just once?

It’s right after the rule that grants the FTA the right to breathe:p

Seriously, the rules aren’t an exhaustive list of how everything in and around the field should happen. Some things are just common sense.

Based on last years ball quality control, no. I can only see the Frisbee being replaced if it is broken, and before eliminations.