pic: Sad Robot is Sad

Why is sad robot sad? It looks pretty good.

The manipulator is misaligned. In fact the robot is Happy, as indicated by the blinking orange light. Don’t let photographic perspective fool you.

Um… that robot doesn’t have a battery in it. If the light is blinking, the zombie apocalypse has begun.

Alas, Sad robot is sad for humanity which is about to be consumed by robot zombies.

Forsooth! Look on the horizon - ninja cowboys on dinosaurs have come to deliver us! Hurrah!

OHNO The Robot zombie apocalypse HAS begun! Ghaaa!:ahh:

squeek*… transistors… squeeeeeeeeeek

*robot zombie oil is not a terribly good lubricant

Don’t be silly. Robots are our allies against the zombies—or so says that book the team gave me.

In order to best make use of our robot army, it advises that we:

  • Keep sensors clean;
  • Use legs for fast zombies, tank treads for slow zombies;
  • Leave your cyborg soldiers at home;
  • Do not use androids as decoys;
  • Arm your robot for hand-to-hand combat;
  • Stay waterproof and bloodproof;
  • Teach your robot to spot a zombie, not an injured human; and
  • If bitten by a zombie, ask a robot to kill you.