The finger guillotine! I think we’re gonna put some plexiglass over our lightening holes…

We had the same problem with THIS bot](http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/20328). We were thinking of bringing heads of cabbage to our competitions and making cole slaw for everyone after the matches ended. :eek:

My only question is… if its so hazardous then why are you doing it?


Would it maybe have been better to not cheese hole those parts? Was it necessary to remove that weight?

Wow, awesome telescoping arm!

Now that’s what I call a pinch point!

we had that same issue last year. We covered it with stickers with our team name and number.

Wow…we actually nicknamed our bot last year “La Guillotine” because it was essentially a execution machine on wheels.

I think it is in the down, and therefore safe, position, that is why he is doing it.

As far as covering it with plexi, won’t that add the weight back? Why not paint it bright yellow and inform all mentors, visitors, and engineers that it is a highly dangerous device that is likely to go postal at any second. That should keep them away.

For past “guillotine” bots, our rookie bot last year had a strange knack of having parts of the elevator drop at extremely dangerous rates. Pictured here

Only one person got hurt but he is adapting to his hook just fine:D A few people did get a few finger pinches but nothing serious.

Chris McKenzie

Scary . . . :eek:

The cheese pattern saved about 35%… it was worth it for sure. The sliders are debured, and they are not yet powered, so it really isnt a safty hazard…

And adding plexiglass would just bring up the weight that was removed by cheesing! Jason just doesnt appreciate the work i put in to cheesing all of those pieces… lol

Unless you filed the holes out from nothing by yourself, you’re not getting any of my pity XD