pic: Safety sticker #4

The latest revision (thank you Jane :D) of our stickers.

Any suggestions for new content would be greatly appreciated!

Please check the thread for the fully updated version.

Before saying “Proceed at your own risk”, say “If you experience any of these symptoms, contact other team members immediately.” OR something to that effect.

“Death or serious injury can occur”. Injury, of course - lack of sleep and learning can do that to you. Death? Arena food maybe??


True… I was only trying to keep with the design scheme of the original warning labels, but Death and injury can probably be changed…

The image at the top of the thread has been updated… Much friendlier without the mention of death/injury, eh?

I reallllly like the ‘serious inspiration’ Cody, cool.

i REALLY REALLY REALLY like this one!

“Warm Fuzzy Feelings” caused by FIRST? yes please!

Thanks! I like this one a lot, too…

Imagine wearing something like that on a tshirt:

Front: “WARNING! FIRST Participant Approaching!”
Back: “Be prepared to be inspired.”

or something like: “Wood” and “Flowers” are more than just nature to me.

I love cheesy lines like that. Hahha.

FIRST apparel … are there such things in existence like that that I’m not aware of?

Hmm … that’s a cool off-season activity… :wink:

I can make them into t-shirts. Its what I do for a living. If Cody oks it.

What regionals will these stickers be availiable at?

Official FIRST apparel (though it doesn’t sell anything quite as cool as what you are talking about): FIRST Official Store

Warning: Gracious professionalism :stuck_out_tongue:

can’t think of another way to put it :slight_smile:

Now that I like much better! Look for it on our pit cart…