pic: Sam Lipscomb (0230)

Take note of the new haircut, the incredibly beat up Championship bracelet, and how horrible I am at matching (lace+stripes+plaid=fun?).

Normally I’m a fashion victim, but I learned yesterday that stripes + lace = the new cool, so you’re ok.

You may become the only person in the world with a Championship bracelet tan.

the incredibly beat up Championship bracelet,

I would of done the same thing. Actually I was planning to if my team goes to championship next year :smiley:

But yeah…I think it’s a good match…more patter the better :rolleyes: :wink:

good god take the braclet off already

My solution to the problem was to not tan at all. I am often told I would fit in more in the 18th century.

I’m sure there are more people in our little group of “tan challenged” people here on CD than we can imagine Sam… lol

I just got my first tan today from doing some painting and construction work at a haunted house outside all day.
Even this tan is kinda lame, cause it was so cloudy and overcasty today.
But… I hear the most powerful rays can come through the clouds and get you, so it’s all good for the tanning process.

I’m sure it will be the same way tomorrow as well.