pic: SAM's welded frame taking shape

hey my name is Ally from team 316 I’m the kid in the pic. i started welding about 6 monthes ago when i was 14. i really love welding and i definitely encourage students, with the resources, to try it!

O and thanks Mr.Weick (the mentor that taught me how to weld)for teaching/putting up with me.

Good Luck!

Congrats on learning to weld! Your frame is looking fantastic. I have taught several of our students. One thing I would recommend doing continued learning on is joint construction techniques. With AL the welded joints typically anneal the material close to the joint.

We had an AL joint Failure at the least opportune time last year (finals at WMR). Had I added an overalp strap to the butt joint, it would not have failed. We fixed this for the CHMP, but WMR ended in a second place.

Good Job Sis! The Frame looks Great! Keep up the good work…:smiley:

Makes me want to learn how to weld…

Nice job!!!

TIG welding, right? Are you SURE you don’t want to wear a leather coat or apron?

(Congratulations on your skill. That’s cool.)

M-M-M-Monster Frame.

Seriously, that thing is huge!

Welding is a great resource and a skill to have! It’s sooo great that you learned at such a young age!

Nope, TIG is clean. But you can get sunburned

Great welds Ally! Can’t wait to see what you weld next year! :slight_smile:

ANOTHER GIRL WELDER! I learned during the 08 build season and passed my “welding test” at the beginning of this one and was able to weld on the bot. CONGRATS!

Although with TIG welding you really should wear a coat/apron. The rays coming off that is super-bad for you. The welding mentor (who teaches welding at UW-Milwaukee) told us a story about welding one day and the UV just burning through his shirt.