pic: San Diego Final Match #3

With 22 seconds left, the center row is “overstuffed” with a spoiler wedged between spider legs 5 and 6.

In a massive struggle to keep the Blue robots from the big, reliable platforms of 1717, Team 696 is all over 368 and the trap is set for 294. Great match with strong defense at the end to win it for Red.

You can see five of the six robots in the waning moments of the final match in San Diego. Team 1717 is in the Blue alliance home zone, just waiting for their partners to get onto their giant lifting platforms.

Wow, defensive ringing to the max :eek:

Yeah, if Blue had gotten the lift, they would have won 64 to 38.
Red just defended too well.

Ya, you said it… When you have a consistent double-lift like we (1717) did and you’re playing against a team like 330 that can plpace rings with their eyes closed, defensive ringing (or what we called an offensive defense) is the way to go. Hats off to 330 696 835 and 1216 for playing killer defense and preventing our teammates from getting to our lifts.