pic: San Diego Regional webcast Archive www.regionalwebcast.com


To watch previous matches of this year’s San Diego Regional goto www.regionalwebcast.com brought to you by Team 987. Let us know what you think of the webcast page. We will also be webcasting the Las Vegas Regional April 1-2.

This is a great resource and it’s been awesome to go back and watch all our matches. My only suggestion is that it’d be nice to have a quicker way to browse through the matches rather than having to click through all of them to get to one of the final matches. It’d also be cool to be able to download videos.


I really love the layout and think it is very informative and looks great! However, while trying to watch the regional real time on saturday it was having an awful time playing. In fact it skipped from match 2 of elims all the way to match 8 and that was the last one I saw. Perhaps if you could do both a traditional mms stream, that could be opened in VLC or another player, and this whole flash stream that would be great!