pic: sanddrag - 1st ever Who Am I?

Yep, my first ever “Who Am I?” pic. Decent enough. Yes, I know, the shirt is pink. This is next to one of my dream cars: A baja bug!

Look for me in Atlanta! I’ll be wearing a black baseball cap with orange “sanddrag” on the front.

Whoa… the REAL sanddrag… i think i’ll have to become un-invisible too…

ehhhhh maybe later :wink:

What the heck is that thing your standing in front of? some kind of VW dune buggy?


Baja Bugs were a 1970s southwest phenomenon…some survived…look up the Baja 1000 race to understand how they came about.

sanddrag must like sand drag races, eh? :slight_smile:

(I prefer smoky burnouts myself)

I still don’t think he’s real… :stuck_out_tongue:

Another complex program written by Matt? :smiley:

…and yet with 2 Regionals together I still haven’t met you. I’m paying you a visit in Atlanta this week.

haha trust me, he’s real.

gosh david, why did you have to succumb to this?! who made you do this.

Yep he’s real! Met him finally in Atlanta. Always nice to put a face with name and long history of posting.

Boy that brings back memories. I had one back in the 60s/70s. I miss my bug, got my Corvette now but would love to ride the old bug again.

If I’m not mistaken we saw you at the Hilton on Sunday morning…