pic: Sanddrag's Command Center

My current lineup from left to right

PC - P4 2.4 GHz 10K rpm SATA HD, 512mb RAM, Geforce FX graphics card 19" flat front crt monitor - Main use machine for everything

Macintosh SE/30 16MHz 16mb RAM 40mb HD - currently serves e-mail.

Macintosh Classic 8MHz 4mb RAM 40mb HD - web server for classicserver.net:81 ; currently awaiting a new motherboard

Macintosh SE FDHD 8Mhz 4mb RAM 100mb HD - larger file downloads server at classicserver.net:82

Apple IIC+ - currently retired from duty but still in full functioning order.

Macintosh LCIII 25Mhz 160mb HD soon to be 20mb RAM - will probably be an http, ftp, and e-mail server and be used for word processing and maybe light web browsing.

Just Curious as to what your Electric Bill looks like I doubt its very much since most of the computers are old macs =)

The new motherboard you are waiting for it wouldn’t be a SCSI (sorry if I spelled it wrong) motherboard?

If so how many files are you planning to serve (size, Quantity)?

Because from what I heard those are for connecting many hard drives to.

All my old Macintoshes are SCSI. The three compact ones use SCSI>Ethernet Adapters to get online. Currently they only serve a few small files but I could add as large of a SCSI Hard Drive as I want, but I think the partitions would have to be kept to under 2 gigs.