pic: Sara & Zara in ATL

Yes, if you were wondering, my hair was spiky. I went upstairs into the VIP room like that on Friday and I got a lot of O.O stares. But, it was totally worth it to hear that Woodie liked my hair! =)

It took you way too much Got2Be Glued to do that but it did look awesome :smiley: You should do it again for Monty Madness!

Zomg its Zara!!! That’s my lil girl right there… yall look very awesome two thumbs up :cool:

that is my creation there. my second victom to go up in spikes… should be a pro by next year. :slight_smile:

Thank god, I don’t have long hair.

Haha, no. Once was quite enough I think.

I did get a lot of “Are you going to do this again tomorrow?” questions, but it was nice to be able to feel the end of my hair again. So that didn’t happen.

I’m game for next year in ATL though!


You got it dude gives two thumbs up