pic: Save a Segway, Ride an Arefin part 2

You know, Ty was on Arefin’s shoulders entirely too often at IRI. Was Fin trying to muscle build or something?

I’m sure with tytus that high you could sign the top of the 25 banner behind you.

well fin has decided to train for the Olympics. he is still undecided on the event. it’s a toss up between the 400 m or the high jump.

arefin was freaking me out the whole time he was always wearing the same thing as me.

Sure tytus… you just went ahead and grabed the same thing as I did. :slight_smile:

dude you were all like trying to coordnate with me big time you even bought the same shorts as me at wal mart. ask ryan he was there

My shorts are different color =) … mine is lighter than yours. It was Ryan’s idea too. He asked to buy khaki shorts.

Look at the picture right there. they are exactly the same

Let’s stop arguing on chiefdelphi. It’s not going to help me or you. AIM TIME!!! :slight_smile:

So do you have a you on your back? :confused:


I wonder which is more fun…a segway or arefin…well there is only one way to find out… :wink:

it’s a new form of transportation! sweeeeet

lol … i noticed that in all the phots… you ppl are sooo like twin brothers :wink: but hey it’s all good…

hmm this is a hard choice…riding on a segway or arefin… this is sooo hard to choose :stuck_out_tongue:

segway has to be charged. but arefin runs on krispy kreemes

That’s scary on Tytus’ part…Who would want Arefin as a twin? :ahh: :eek:

awww meany. i wonder how the giro scopes work on that thing. plus its eviromentally friendly just get a twelve pack of donuts! :smiley:

the real question is how often you need to refuel the new aryway (better than the segway!!)

lol…good ?..they both are quite scary on their own…double the amount it gets even more crazier…

fueling arefin though… isn’t it just once a day… around 10 pm??? :stuck_out_tongue:

just teasing ya arefin. love ya