pic: Saw this tonight @ 237


Yes you will find this hard to believe, but this is a actual picture. Not retouched in any way. NO PHOTOSHOP USED.

Yep, Elgin with a hair cut, in a dress shirt and wearing a tie. He almost looks human! :wink:

he wont look at much if he doenst get a pair of glasses on :wink:

:ahh: I SEE CHANGE!!! Is that elgin? Are you sure thats elgin? I mean elgin clock? You know the mentor from team 237… yes yes from that one CT team. grrr… you know the guy who shaved his head off cause he made a bet with his team… alright i am done… :ahh:


At least he is practicing half of shop safety rules. No loose articles of clothing. The tie is tucked away. Now on the other hand he does need the safety glasses

He doesn’t have an official 237 ID badge :yikes: