pic: Say Hello to MAX 4

This is our new robot MAX 4 standing next to our old robot MAX 3. MAX 4 has all the capabilities of MAX 3 with the added bonus of scoring both on the 18" and 24" goals. MAX 4 is the robot that won at the NYC Championship on April 5.

Wait…so you got betteragain!?!
There goes your biggest weakness. Good luck in Atlanta.

I got to take a close look at it during NYC FTC. One of the most interesting aspect of the robot is its onboard autonomous selection method. Just above the “Teen” sign you will see two bevel gears stickin out of the robot with no apparent purpose. The shaft thats holds the bevel gears are attached to potentiometers which monitor the position of the gears and set the autonomous mode accordingly. They use the bolts around the pot to keep the gear aligned using metal attached to the gear so that it does not change settings. It is an impressive bot.

Do MAX 4 use an auto sort system for the rings? I know I’ve seen one on a vex bot before, I think it was '06.

Yes it can but because of changes in lighting we don’t use it during real matches. Can’t wait for that real color sensor in the new kit. :slight_smile:

Have you ever tried making a completely dark box for the rings to pass through and then using the IR line sensors to read color to read them because they can work with no light.

We had an idea like that but we never built it.

You could put like a whole bunch of signs around your collector to block out the lighting. But yeah you guys are smart for not trying it in ATL because the light changes as the day goes on the the dome.

Ya you can tell light is a problem when you stand next to the robot and it thinks your a ring. Its very cool but not reliable. :slight_smile:

Cna wiat to meet you guys in Atlanta :smiley:

The robot I saw at Snowday Showdown was amazing, I’m sure I’m in for an even bigger shock at the Championship! Best of luck guys!