pic: Scars from 234 on 1501


It was our first match of the BoilerMaker regional that we got to play and we had a little run in during autonomous with Cyber Blue


I didnt realize how hard we hit until i was in the pit and saw the 1/2" deep dent in our 1 x 1 aluminum square tube !!

This made me think of quotes and proverbs I’ve thought about through life.

This is one of my favorites:

‘A coward has no scar.’ - a Zimbabwean Proverb

This may sound silly but I like to study the robots after the competitions and see how they’ve fared. There is often honor (and stories) in the dents, dings - scars. I’m glad you painted 234’s impact, it is very cool.


Dude we had that happen at LA when a rookie team (STEEL BOT) hit our bot. After the match we looked at their bot and were like WHAT? No damage and a half inch dent in ours, FIRST is so awesome and so are rookies!

how did that happen without someone going out of the bumper zone?

Most harvesting robots have an opening at the front without bumper protection…when two of these robots hit head on, slightly off center, there will be solid contact.

Squirrel is right on the money, gonna fix this bump on thursday at DAVIS.:ahh::ahh:

I think that is what happened during Wisconsin Regional finals match 1.
Fondy fire 2194 collided with 2970 (really good rookie team) and parts went flying several feet away. Robots got locked together and would not move for the rest of the match. :ahh:
I think the whole field was cleaned up before they even attempted moving the robots apart. After a long while of suspense, both robots came back in match no 2 :slight_smile:

And that is why we have bumpers.:smiley:

2039 also had the banebots gearbox that powered their pickup cleaved off due to a collision and it was too long of a repair so they went into match 2 with just the 7 starting balls then played defense.

(2970=awesome rookies)

All of these robots have bumpers, and these things still happen just because two U shaped objects can fit together.

At midwest in a qualification match we had a run in with 1114, and we left with a tiny ripple in a piece of .030 lexan, and their sheet metal didnt look as pretty. That was quickly repaired even though it didnt impede functionality of anything.

Us(1625) and Wildstang learned that lesson on thursday during a practice match together, as we both left the match with matching front supports significantly bent in.

Our front roller is in a location where it can be hit if we collide with another robot just right. Of course, in autonomous, we managed to do that. It bent the 3/8 aluminum shaft so badly that it was quicker to bend it fully in half to remove it - plus the pvc roller was broken.

We have made many, many spares…

I am starting to be very glad we added a bar in NYC to protect the front of our intake roller with hits like that happening.

ouch :yikes:

Those scars are actually like medals of honor that the robot wears proudly to show the battles it has been in. :smiley:

In the last five years I’ve seen lots of those bars bent into modern art shapes. Bring lots of spares! After having seen 488 hit any number of objects at full speed in auto, I don’t think any reasonably-sized bar could protect you from that kind of force. 488, for the record, appears unscathed from their 15 or 20 full-speed collisions at Seattle. That is one seriously tough robot.

We were very thankful to 1114 for destroying our collector with a head-on collision on Thursday at Midwest! We should have known better, but that practice match just proved the point - if you think it may break, construct a stronger back-up! ‘Thank Dean’ for an awesome on-site machine shop and a volunteer crew willing to work with us.

That Milwaukee finals collision with Fondy Fire… holy smokes! I can’t believe either team came back in less than 6 minutes!!! :ahh: I literally saw bot parts fly into the payload specialist’s tub!