pic: Sciborgs 1155 Unloading at NYC

Was this practice day? The reason I ask is bacause the violation of the bumper zone on the robot with red bumpers. Your’s look good, but the guy getting scored on looks like a robot with high-water pants:yikes:

This match was qualifications 12

how does that happen then? some MAJOR overlook by the inspectors.

It’s possible that the bumpers can fit on upside down, and the mounting holes are not centered, so they could have been accidentally installed the wrong way, causing this. I know it’s possible with our bumpers (although it’s pretty easy to see that the numbers are upside down when that happens). Sometimes the people putting the bumpers on are not the people who designed/fabricated them

Anyways, nice unloading picture! did you get a picture with the trailer filled up? :slight_smile:

ny isn’t exactly known for being strict or knowledgeable on rules. while watching the videos of ny i noticed there was one bot that went above 5 feet every single time they went for the score.

I witnessed some going outside the bumper zone when scoring. Things get overlooked, or maybe there not as specific with some teams. The trouble comes in when they are allowed to do it at one event, and then find out they have major mods at the next. I’m sure the inspectors are doing the best they can.

A lot of stuff like this was let by in NYC. Most teams did not understand the bumper rules and had to either get let by or change there robot on site.

Awesome photo.