pic: Scores from Nov 17, 2007 BFHS/PVL QQ Tournament

This is the spreadsheet with the results of each match in last weekend’s Nov 17th Battlefield HS / PVL Quad Quandary Tournament.


What finally made it to the screen here looks pretty fuzzy. And clicking on it didn’t make it look any better on my computer. I’m guessing that some extra compression or other reformatting might have occured between when I sent it and when it showed up here.

The version of the screen shot that is available on the VexLabs site is easier for me to read. http://www.vexforum.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=829&catid=12


For IE, you need to click on it three times from this thread (2 from CD-Media). There should be a little box showing a generic picture and arrows in the lower right; click that and you can read it. It’s still a bit fuzzy, though. Might also work for other browsers.

Edit: Ends up about the same as the above-linked picture, though larger.

The fuzziness seems ok to me. The font is small though, but it’s a large picture with alot of data so what can you do eh?

A big thanks to all of the teams who came to our event! It was definitely alot of fun to referee the matches and see what 'bots students came up with. Hopefully the VA regional this coming Saturday will have great robots because of it.