pic: Scorin' at GLR -573

573 spoiling ringers at Boilermaker Regional

It’s hard to tell from this picture in particular, but it would appear that your arm would be close to exceeding the 72" package. Especially if both joints made the arm segments horizontal to the floor simultaneously… Has your team had any issues with refs calling this at regionals? Have any teams noticed this at any regionals?

It was nice to see the spoiler being used a few times during the eliminations, kept everyone on their toes.

Jake, I can’t seem to recall which match in the semi-finals or finals this was… Can you refresh my memory?

I was talking to someone from 573 in the pits at GLR about this. Using sensors (potentiometers) they limited the arm position in software to make sure they would not exceed the 72" x 72" box. It’s a nice machine, I’m glad they got the win there. I love the gripper too, there’s no way the tubes are going to get knocked out!

Ha ha, I knew somebody would say that, its true that our arm could break that barrier but it doesn’t. Two things, first we manipulated that rule and realized that even though the box is 72" you could put the robot in diagonally and get 86", and second of all we have limit switches on the gripper that keep it from braking that barrier and actually pull it back if it comes close to doing so.

edit: I probably should have read the whole thread before I made this post!

are you sure this is GLR…looks a bit more like Boilermaker? Im not 100% sure though, just wondering. Was 1990 at GLR? And that bearded ref was totally at boilermaker.


nevermind, the description says boilermaker…duh!

Where does it say Boilermaker, I see GLR at the top

Click the picture and it takes you to the actual picture page which has the description added by the uploader. (and it has all comments made, sorta redundant)

This is very nice… I can just imagine sitting there and having everyone in the stands going ohhhhhhh… Great Job!!!

Just wanted to show off the reaching capacity that our robot possesses.